About Us

Hi and welcome to Win 7 Utilities.

A few years ago, I started to write blogs about different topics and posted them on the internet. Back then, I only know social media sites to publish my work. Many of my pieces done are for literary, some are tutorials and others are just for fun.

Having that kind of hobby made me think of “what if I do it for profit?” But another side of me is saying that I do not have any technical skills aside from writing my thoughts and sharing my experiences. That’s when I started to learn more about blogging and some technical skills to complete the plan I have in mind.

While I am learning, I decided to create a website to publish my work. I, then, hired a person to make me a website that will encourage the readers to view my page and learn from it. Then, many people clicked on my site, read my blogs and share them.

That brought a big impact on mine. So, I decided to cater my skills by providing useful information (this time) for my readers and audience. I made this blog to provide guides/tutorials and product reviews about Windows and all the issues your device may be experiencing. This will be a big help especially to those who are non-techy.

I hope you enjoy reading and you learned a lot from my posts. Have a nice day!